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Information Technology Solutions

Solution Alignment

Enterprise solutions require the integration of multiple facets of a business, through a coordinated and monitored process, utilizing databases and decision tools that have a high level of integrity.  Muscogee International will assist with:

  • Aligning products and process to business requirements

  • Liaison with your vendor community

  • Present technologies that fit objectives and fill discovered gaps

  • Provide post solutioning walkthrough


Muscogee International, along with each of our partners, provide roles-based consulting and IT services based upon the audience’s functional responsibility and their tasks at hand.

  • IT cost optimization, license review, and sustainability

  • Data and database modernization

  • Big Data and Analytics

  • Cyber Security and threat hunting

  • Vendor Relationships and Sourcing


Muscogee International provides data, experience, and capabilities to present best practice designs, metrics, and processes, all with the sustainability of each approach in mind.

  • Engineered or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure experience

  • Structured and unstructured data as components

  • Data and network security - from encryption to threat hunting

  • CloudCouple technology for reliable, auditable, and manageable cloud connectivity

  • Proof of Concept capabilities for high performance testing or other metrics


Complex, multi-sourced solutions need the right balance of vendor relationship, governance, cost, sustainability, delivery and clarity. Muscogee International gives priority weighting to the cost and support sustainability of any project.

  • Five year cost analysis

  • Product relevance review

  • Procurement timing and sustainability review

  • Long term maintenance plan

  • Long term education and staff augmentation plan

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